Mercedes Sprinter in Springfield, Missouri

Christopher C. of Springfield, Missouri was initially wary of purchasing a Mercedes Sprinter Van . As the owner of a successful delivery service, he was looking to upgrade his delivery trucks, hopefully saving money without loosing in overall efficiency. His business had consisted mostly of smaller deliveries for local businesses, but Christopher dreamed of expanding into larger deliveries that his small delivery cans just couldn’t handle.

Over the previous five years, his service had tried a number of different cargo vans and trucks. While some vans and trucks offered the room he needed for larger packages, his drivers reported that the the van’s lacked the maneuverability and smoothness to keep the packages from shifting in transport. Others offered smoother rides, but required more trips back and forth from the shop, which meant more fuel and fewer deliveries per day. He thought a van would be perfect for his larger deliveries, but questioned how a large van would handle the delicate, sensitive deliveries. That’s when one of his friend’s suggested he check out the Mercedes Sprinter van.

A quick peek in the Mercedes was all it took for Christopher to see how much space he was getting for his dollar. The large, open rear of the van meant less trips back and forth from the office. Where Christopher could previously only manage lighter loads limited to less than 2000 lbs., the Freightliner would let his business take on much heavier loads. And still only a few feet in width, the Mercedes would allow Christopher to open up his delivery business to larger, single packages while still being able to manage the typical smaller deliveries. His customers would appreciate the speed with which their packages would be delivered, while Christopher could rest easy knowing that he was saving money at the end of the day.

All it took was one test drive of the Mercedes Sprinter van for all of Christopher’s fears to disappear. Sitting behind the wheel, Christopher was impressed by the Mercedes’ ability to handle curves smoothly. Over bumpy terrain or smooth suburban streets, the ride remained consistent and smooth. This was important not only for Christopher’s clients, but his drivers. With deadlines to meet and important packages to deliver, the last thing Christopher wanted them to worry about was an uncomfortable ride. Christopher was impressed with the ease with which he was able to drive the van, which would mean that, unlike bulkier vans, his drivers would need no special training.

At the root of the Mercedes’ smooth ride is the quality design. Utilizing years of experience, the engineer’s at Mercedes worked for years to create the perfect melding of frame design and high performance, fuel efficient engine design.

Christopher found that the Mercedes’ diesel engine not only outperformed other comparable vans, but that this performance translated into greater fuel efficiency. Not only would he would he save money with fewer trips back to the shop, but he could be confident that his trucks would get significantly more miles to the gallon than other diesel driven vans and trucks. This, coupled with affordable pricing offered by his local Mercedes dealer, meant Mercedes was the right decision for Christopher’s bottom line.


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